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Chavín archaeological site is located to the eastern side of Cordillera Blanca - Conchucos valley on the bank of Mosna river , Huari province – Ancash department. A trip to this site is return to the past time with great view and unforgettable trip. , this trip is ideal for visitors, who have a short time to visit our region. As well as it’s used as acclimatization for people, who wants to do treks, climb in Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash for more time and higher elevation.

Departure from Huaraz toward Chavin de Huantar at 3140m, passing on the way by picturesque towns as: Recuay, Ticapampa, Catac. From the last town we will deviate to the Cordillera Blanca on paved road until Lake Querococha at 3890 m, the lake is natural breeding place for trout, where fishing activity is allowed, but in some determinate months.

The lake is surrounded by terrific landscape, then we will continue driving up until reach Cawish tunnel at 4516m, which is continental divide, after that the road start descending on switchbacks on steep hill toward Chavin along the way we will enjoy taking pictures about rustic houses, costumes and traditions, the archaeological site is lies on the suburb of Chavin town, we will spend 2 hours to visit it, then we will go to have lunch in the typical restaurant, finally after short time to break we will come back to Huaraz

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Jr. Leonisa Lescano #670 - Barrio de Huarupampa - Huaraz - Ancash - Perú

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